When you contact us because you want someone to clean, we'll generally set up a consultation with you.

Why?  Because every cleaning job is different.  We don't want to quote you a higher price than necessary.  We want to

give you a fair price that makes sense.  So we'll come to your location and take a look at what you want done so we

understand each other completely before we price out the job.

When you've decided that you want us to help you, we can clean as frequently or seldom as you feel you need.  And when

we start we'll give you options.  You can pay us at the time of the cleaning with cash, check or credit card.  Or we can

bill you and your invoice will be due within 14 days, payable by check or credit card.

And we don't hold you to a contract.  We're more than happy to sign one with you if you like, but everyone's needs

can change based on circumstances.  If you no longer need our services, you will be able to stop them when

you need to.

Our terms are as follows:

When agreeing to do business with MJW, although we don't require a contract, we do sign a terms of service agreement with you

that will outline the tasks that are agreed on mutually between you and us.  This is to assure that you know we understand what

you expect of us, and that there are no miscommunications between us.  It's a simple outline of how you want us to clean.

Recurring cleaning service customers will be invoiced after each cleaning.  The following are payment options:



Credit Card (processed through PayPal)

Terms are net 15, but you are free to pay in advance, on the spot, or take 15 days to pay.

One time cleanings, like Spring cleaning or move-outs to new customers will require a deposit before work is performed, the

 amount of the deposit will depend on the estimate of the job.


 Feel free to call 603.333.2984


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