When you contact us about service, we'll take all the basic information
regarding the services you need.  Since every job is different, we'll
set up a time to look at the space needing cleaning to best give an
accurate quote. 

We generally walk through the space with the customer and do a checklist.
This ensures that we understand exactly what you need and you understand
what we offer.  We sign it, and you sign it.

For a one time cleaning, a deposit will be required.  For recurring cleanings,
a non-time binding agreement will be signed.  his means that by signing the
agreement, we agree to provide the service as agreed and you agree to our
payment terms.

Most customers get net 15 terms.  We take checks, and all credit cards.  You
can receive your invoice by email, or by regular mail and can pay online or
in person.

603.333.2984  info@mjwcleaning.com